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Soliciting comments on my plan for teaching the American Revolution
It turns out that once you've got your PhD and a job, you need to plan to actually teach things. Madness!

In the interest of giving it the best go that I can, I thought I'd post my syllabus as a Google Doc and open it up to comments from you, lovely readers.

The syllabus (or handbook, as the Brits call it), is available here.

A couple of caveats:
-It's a first-year (~ = to freshmen) class, so the readings have been planned accordingly.

-It's long. Most of the sample handbooks I've received from my awesome future colleagues come with many suggestions for additional readings, so I've done the same with my handbook. Please feel free to add things I've missed, but keep in mind that undergraduates will have easier access to articles than to books or book chapters. I've omitted some suggestions I've received on Twitter because my university library doesn't have access to all the journals we have access to in the U.S.

-The department determines the forms of assessment ahead of time, and they are not adjustable.

Thanks in advance for any genius suggestions coming my way!


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